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North Carolina Locksmith Explains Automobile Transponder Keys October 20, 2017

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North Carolina Locksmith Explains Automobile Transponder  Keys, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

If you own a car that was built after 1995, you were likely given transponder keys with the vehicle. Though they are widespread and often used, many people are unfamiliar with the term and what the tool does. To help, the team at Ability Lock & Key, a top mobile locksmith serving the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina, shares some insight.

Below, the experts discuss what transponder keys are and how they protect your vehicle:

  • What It Is: A transponder is a small device used to electronically communicate with a second piece of machinery. Created for anti-theft purposes, the keys contain a chip in the top plastic part that talks to a specific vehicle. 

  • transponder keysWhat It Does: The transponder keys thwart thievery and break-ins by communicating with the car and preventing strangers from effectively using other keys and tools. Your engine will only start if it senses the insertion of the proper key; if the chip isn’t present, your vehicle will be unresponsive.

  • What Happens if It Breaks: While these items do an excellent job of preventing car theft, it’s frustrating if you lose or break your transponder. However, if this happens, your auto locksmith will replace them or program a new key for you to use. Moreover, a mobile company will come to you and resolve the issue at your convenience.

Transponder keys are an excellent invention, and they help protect your vehicle from harm. If you need a new set of car chip keys, turn to Ability Lock & Key. Their experts have been serving the community of Kernersville since 1999. Their focus on prompt, affordable, and reliable work has earned them an outstanding reputation throughout the years. For more information about what they offer, visit their website, or call (336) 784-0226 to speak with a representative today.

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