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A Guide to Dental Implant's Lifespan & Cost October 23, 2017

A Guide to Dental Implant's Lifespan & Cost, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

When patients discuss tooth replacement options with their dentist, most agree dental implants are a beautiful, viable choice. They also want to know if this aesthetically pleasing treatment is reliable and affordable. Pagosa Dental Implant Center in Pagosa Springs, CO, is a premier destination for quality implants, state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures, and gentle sedation dentistry. To help patients make their decision between implants, bridges, and dentures, in-house specialist Dr. Thornell explains below how long the fixtures last and if they are worth the cost. 

Dental Implants Guide 

Definition & Alternatives 

dental-impant-pagosa-springs-coIf you lose a tooth or multiple teeth, your dentist will recommend a replacement to preserve your oral health. Some patients choose a bridge or set of dentures for restoration, while others elect to receive dental implants. Dental implants are preferred by many patients because they are permanent, easy to clean and look like your natural teeth. They are more hygienic and long-lasting than bridges and more comfortable and attractive than dentures. 

Durability & Affordability 

No matter what type of denture or bridge you receive, it will need replacement. The average lifespan of a bridge is about 10 years. False sets of teeth need a switch every five to eight years. In contrast, dental implants can last a lifetime. While you will still need to care for them as you would your natural teeth, they are made of corrosion-resistant, long-lasting material, making them a one-time investment. 

While bridges and dentures typically cost less at the time of the procedure, Dr. Thornell cautions patients to consider the overall fee for implants versus the cost of multiple denture and bridge replacements. To make affording implants easier, some dental insurance companies provide assistance, while most doctors will supplement lack of coverage with affordable payment plans. Talk to your implant dentist about pricing for your unique case and what kind of financing options are available to you. 

If you are missing teeth, you deserve a replacement solution that will give you a beautiful, new smile. To make an appointment to discuss dental implants, call Pagosa Dental Implant Center in Pagosa Springs, CO, at (970) 731-8282 or (970) 731-6600. For information about their cosmetic and sedation dentistry services, visit their website. You can also learn more about teeth whitening and tooth extractions by following them on Facebook.

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