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4 Facts to Know About Wedding Gown Alterations December 4, 2017

Midtown East, Manhattan
4 Facts to Know About Wedding Gown Alterations , Manhattan, New York

You likely want everything to be perfect on your wedding day. Every detail matters, and the dress, of course, is number one on the list. Wedding gown alterations are necessary to ensure your ensemble fits your body perfectly—but what should you expect out of your appointments? Before you begin the process, 6 Avenue Tailor, New York City’s top Midtown tailor, lists five things to know about your custom alterations below.

What You Should Know About Wedding Gown Alterations


Generally, wedding gowns run small. Differences can be as much as two sizes bigger than what you normally wear. Trust your bridal shop and buy the dress that fits your measurements, not the size number you want. The seamstress or tailor can then alter the gown correctly to suit your body perfectly.

Early Is Better

wedding gown alterationsGive yourself plenty of time to find a tailor or seamstress you trust to do your wedding gown alterations. Specifically, choose someone who has experience with bridal pieces. If you book your spot early and have regular fittings, the end product will be well done. You will also save money on any rush fees if you plan ahead. In general, you should allow two to three months between your first and last fittings, with at least three to four fittings during that time.

Bring Everything

Have the exact undergarments you will be wearing on your wedding day during the fittings for precise alterations. Bras, slips, and other layers that will go under the dress will affect the fit. Also, bring your shoes to make sure the length is correct. The tailor needs to have the exact measurement from the hem to the floor so your dress doesn’t drag and you don’t trip.

Bring Someone

Invite someone you trust to your fittings, such as your mother, sister, or maid of honor. Another set of eyes will ensure your dress is as perfect as possible. They can help you check everything and make sure the fit is how you would like it. 

For the best Midtown tailor in New York to help with your wedding gown alterations, choose 6 Avenue Tailor. These experts will ensure all your tailoring needs are fulfilled, so you look as beautiful as possible on your big day. They even offer rush and same-day delivery service when you need alterations in a pinch. To schedule an appointment, call (212) 593-1925. Visit their website for more information on their offerings and to get a 10% off coupon for your next alteration.

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