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3 Beautiful Hawaiian Plants for Your Garden October 30, 2017

Kaneohe, Koolaupoko
3 Beautiful Hawaiian Plants for Your Garden, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

The unique Hawaiian climate and location allow residents to incorporate some truly unique plants and flowers into their garden design plans. The variety of specifically Hawaiian plants available is huge and choosing the right ones for your home can provide a challenge. To help get you started, the experts at Nakata James Landscaping of Kaneohe, HI, share three elegant plants and flowers below to plant around your Hawaiian home.

3 Beautiful Hawaiian Plants for Landscaping

1. Ilima Papa

Also known as “groundcover ilima,” this lush green plant with wide coverage and orange flowers grows well across the Hawaiian Islands and makes for a beautiful landscaping feature. The plant is easy to maintain as long as bugs are kept away and it provides quality ground cover for any garden or lawn. Ilima papa should be planted in direct sunlight in fairly dry non-clay soil. It does not need excess water and will do fine in conditions where sea spray or winds are a consideration.

2. Kokio Ula

landscape design plansCommonly called a clay hibiscus, this bright red flowering shrub is a long-living, medium-sized plant that makes for a gorgeous spectacle in your garden. This particular species is a bit more compact than some of the other popular hibiscus plants and makes for a nice solution in smaller garden design plans. These particular plants are often potted and should be in no less than a three-gallon container or in deep soil. One of the best features of the kokio ula is it’s year-round color and blooming—a constant splash of color for your lawn.

3. ‘ölulu

Referred to as the Hawaiian Palm,  ‘ölulu is a unique and appealing ground cover option for landscaping. These shrubs are fairly easy to maintain and do well potted or in the ground. If planting in ground soil, be sure it is set up to drain properly in areas of more sunlight to prevent slugs and other pests. These sporadically blooming plants come with the added benefit of a lovely honeysuckle and citrus aroma as they flower.

If you are looking for garden design plans for your home in Kaneohe or the surrounding areas, trust Nakata James Landscaping to bring beauty to your yard. With more than 30 years of experience, this team brings elegance and refinement to homes with incredible water features and patio landscaping. Call (808) 330-8389 or visit their website to see examples of past work and start dreaming up your ideal lawn today.

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