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3 Reasons Ballroom Dance Lessons Are the Perfect Date Night for Empty Nesters October 24, 2017

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3 Reasons Ballroom Dance Lessons Are the Perfect Date Night for Empty Nesters , Hamden, Connecticut

Many people find themselves wondering what to do after their kids go off to college or move out. When parents aren’t driving to soccer games or attending school recitals they can focus more on themselves. Ballroom dance lessons are an exciting, unexpected way for single parents or married couples to reclaim their time. There are a variety of reasons to pursue this elegant adventure for yourself. 

Why Empty Nesters Should Take Ballroom Dance Lessons 

1. It’s Fantastic Exercise

Some people don’t exercise because the idea of going for a run or lifting weights incites a yawn. Ballroom dance lessons are a fun way to get moving. You’ll waltz, tango, and quickstep, getting a full cardio workout while growing with your significant other or dance partner. Each move burns calories, but you won’t be dragging yourself through a routine; you’ll be too busy toe-tapping, whirling, and dipping to notice you’re breaking a sweat.

2. You’ll Relearn How to Communicate

Ballroom Dancing LessonsEmpty nesters sometimes note they feel the flame in their relationship isn’t as bright as it used to be. Amp up the passion and learn how to communicate in a scorching new way through ballroom dance lessons. You’ll learn to read one another’s body language as you take or follow the lead.

3. You’ll Learn a Skill

When college kids come home to visit, you’ll have impressive moves and routines to showcase to them. These new skills can be utilized in a number of situations, too, including at wedding receptions or a night out dancing with your spouse or date. 


Learning a new skill is a wonderful way to spend date night and reconnect with your partner once the kids have moved out. Sign up for ballroom dance lessons with Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Hamden, CT, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying an exciting and expressive activity. Call (203) 288-2482 or visit their website to learn more about their dance programs taught by certified professionals.  

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