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What to Expect When Receiving a Dental Crown October 25, 2017

Archdale, Randolph
What to Expect When Receiving a Dental Crown, Archdale, North Carolina

If you have a tooth which has cracked or has been weakened by decay, your dentist may recommend a dental crown to strengthen and protect it. The dental crown is a permanent cap which covers the entire tooth above the gumline. To place it, your dentist follows several steps which ensure a sturdy, aesthetic result.

Preparing the Tooth

Most people’s teeth fit tightly together in their mouths. To make room for the dental crown, your provider will have to remove some of the dental enamel from your tooth. Ask your dental office about dental sedation options for your procedure to ensure your comfort.

Molds or Scans

Dental CrownOnce the tooth is ready, your dentist will need to either take a digital scan or a physical mold of the area, depending on what type of technology is used for creating crowns in that particular office. If your dentist uses digital CAD/CAM technology, it may be possible for the crown to be fabricated in the office while you wait. Otherwise, the dentist will send the mold to a lab for fabrication, and you may be given a temporary crown to wear while waiting for the permanent one.

Final Placement

Once your permanent dental crown is ready, the dentist will check to see that if fits. If everything looks correct, the crown will be permanently cemented in place, providing you with a beautiful, natural looking smile.


Patrick M Pitts, DDS, offers quality cosmetic dentistry services using cutting-edge technology in Archdale, NC. With modern techniques and an inviting atmosphere, Dr. Pitts and his team strive to make your visit as comfortable and easy as possible. Their dental crowns, veneers, and other dental prosthetics are attractive and natural-looking, providing you with a smile you can feel proud of. To schedule an appointment, call (336) 431-0002, and visit the practice online for more information on their services.

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