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What You Need to Know About Propane Fireplace Clean Outs October 23, 2017

Moodus, Middlesex
What You Need to Know About Propane Fireplace Clean Outs, Moodus, Connecticut

With winter right around the corner, it’s time to make sure your home’s heating elements are in working condition. As Dutch Oil Co., an oil and propane delivery service in Moodus, CT, explains, homeowners relying on propane fireplaces must get a complete clean out service by a reliable local expert. Below, they discuss what you need to know about proper upkeep and care of your gas fireplace to keep it running smoothly throughout winter.

Propane Delivery Experts on Gas Fireplace Clean Outs

Why Are Pre-Winter Clean Outs Important?

Maintaining your fireplace helps you achieve your desired temperature for less money. For example, the efficiency results in less wasted gas, which lowers your utility bills and the need for frequent propane delivery during subfreezing temperatures.

Is Summer Care Necessary?

Propane DeliveryHomeowners typically neglect to keep the furnace pilot running during summer, often due to gas bill concerns. While it may seem counterproductive to turn the pilot on in summer months, this simple step helps prevent the gas supply line from clogging up with debris. The light also keeps spiders and other insects from nesting inside the fireplace.

How Can a Heating Service Help?

If you didn’t light the pilot during the off-season, have your fireplace thoroughly cleaned out by a local servicing company. They will clear out the debris clogging your gas supply line and make sure your home’s heating arrangement is functional. They also offer valuable guidance about proper summer care steps to spare you the costs of frequent clean outs and maintenance services.

For the most reliable propane delivery and fireplace upkeep services, contact Dutch Oil Co. This local business serves residents throughout Middlesex County, CT, with top-tier HVAC solutions, including comprehensive duct cleaning. Schedule service by calling (860) 873-3876, and visit their website for more information.

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