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What Is Psychotherapy? November 13, 2017

Tylersville, West Chester
What Is Psychotherapy?, West Chester, Ohio

Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental conditions through a psychological rather than a medical technique. The treatment utilizes established psychological principles administered by a formally trained psychologist. The purpose is to help patients adjust their feelings, behaviors, or other personal characteristics they wish to change. Below, the experienced psychologist, Teri Role-Warren, PhD, LLC, in West Chester, OH, shares a brief guide about this therapy. 

How Psychotherapy Can Help

Commonly referred to as talk therapy, psychotherapy dates back to ancient Greece and was refined by the renowned Sigmund Freud. Since he finished practicing in the 1930s, this field has continued to accomplish incredible research on the human mind. The practice today is used to treat a wide range of mental illnesses. It can effectively control or even remove those unwanted symptoms to improve someone’s quality of life and transform their ability to function well. Some common conditions treated include anxiety, depression, eating disorders, or coping with difficult life events like losing a loved one.

psychotherapyTherapy sessions usually last anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes and can be one-on-one with the therapist or done with a few people such as with a family member or a group of patients with the same problem. Some people with short-term issues may only need a few sessions to feel back on track, while others who face more complex problems may choose to stay in therapy for years. Treatment is all dependent on the unique needs of the patient and can be combined with medication for the best results.

If you are struggling with an emotional challenge or a mental illness, then you may benefit from psychotherapy. Dr. Role-Warren at the Cincinnati Center for Well-Being has 30 years of clinical experience. Contact her at (513) 779-9298 to schedule your appointment and get on the path to an improved future. Visit her website for more information. 

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