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Fall Checklist From Willimantic's Top Homeowners Insurance Company October 25, 2017

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Fall Checklist From Willimantic's Top Homeowners Insurance Company, Willimantic, Connecticut

Fall is here, which means homeowners should keep an eye on any essential maintenance or repairs that are best performed during this time of year. To this end, the skilled and knowledgeable team at K.L. Smith Agency LLC can assist residents in the Willimantic, CT area, in safeguarding their most precious investment both inside and out.


Clean Out Gutters

Once fall is over, the gutters are most likely clogged with leaves and other debris. In this case, it’s best to clean out your gutters while they are relatively clear to prevent future damage from occurring. You should also take some time to clean out spouts and drains, which can also become clogged with falling leaves.

Change Out Smoke Detector Batteries

homeowners insuranceWhile you can change the batteries in your smoke detectors at any time of the year, doing so during the fall is recommended, especially if your fireplaces or wood-burning stoves are in your home. This way, you can rest assured knowing you will be alerted to fire once you begin heating your home for the colder winter months.

Check HVAC Systems

Fall is also the ideal time to assess the functionality of HVAC systems. If there are issues with your system, you could be looking at inefficient performance, which, in turn, can lead to higher utility costs. Additionally, make sure your home is well-insulated before the cold weather strikes (as poor insulation can also cause an increase in utility bills).

Properly Store Lawn Care Equipment

Things like mowers and weed whackers are essential for keeping the outside of your home looking its best during the summer. This is why proper storage is so important; keep your equipment in a dry, enclosed space, as well as drain equipment of all gas and fuel before putting it away for the winter.

Whether you’re searching for homeowners insurance, have questions about finding a suitable car insurance policy, or need business insurance to protect your commercial enterprise, the K.L. Smith Agency LLC has an insurance product just right for you. Call (860) 423-9294 to speak with an insurance agent in Willimantic, CT. To learn more about all that this company has to offer, visit the website.  

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