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3 Must-Have T-Shirts From Over Under Clothing October 27, 2017

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
3 Must-Have T-Shirts From Over Under Clothing, Jacksonville East, Florida

When you’re looking for high-quality T-shirts for members of your family, it’s satisfying to know products are produced by hardworking Americans. Over Under Clothing in Jacksonville, FL, offers a fantastic selection of stylish American clothing at affordable prices, including long- and short-sleeved T-shirts. They’re proud to sell their wares online and in stores throughout the southeast and share a few shirts in their collection to consider. 

3 Must-Have T-Shirts From Over Under Clothing

For Dad

If the man in your life loves the outdoors, the Standing Tall long-sleeved T-shirt from the Southern Sporting Lifestyle line is a perfect choice for him. Crafted from 100% American-grown and -sewn supination cotton, it features a Lycra® neckline for supreme comfort and durability. The front is adorned with a pocket emblazoned with the Over Under logo and the back features a pointer in a classic hunting pose. 

For Active Family Members

T-shirtIf you have runners or hikers in your family, this long-sleeved Tidal Tech Bluewater Collection T-shirt is a perfect gift. It’s ideal for people who participate in aerobic activities because it features antimicrobial fabric with moisture-wicking technology that will keep the wearer cool during a workout. 

For Young Outdoor Aficionados

Over Under Clothing logos adorn the front and back of this woodsy-themed Shed Hunter T-shirt. Featuring a high-performance Lycra neckline and forest green color, it’s perfect for a day of rambling through the woods with mom and dad. This cotton shirt is preshrunk to ensure your young adventurer won’t outgrow it too soon.  

If you have been searching for quality American-made apparel that stands out from the pack, Over Under Clothing is your one-stop shop. They offer a large selection of T-shirts, button-down shirts, outerwear, and outdoor gear in men’s and youth sizes. If you're ready to stock up on wardrobe essentials, visit their website to peruse their products and find a retail location near you or call (904) 619-0577 to speak with a member of their customer service team.

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