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How Humidity Affects HVAC Performance October 27, 2017

Columbia Falls, Flathead
How Humidity Affects HVAC Performance, Columbia Falls, Montana

The humidity levels in your home have a major impact on how your HVAC system operates. Aside from heating and cooling your home, one of your system’s primary functions is to remove excess humidity from the air. If the air in your home is too dry or too moist, your heating and cooling system will need to work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Overworking can lead to higher energy bills and more wear and tear on your system, so read on to understand how humidity levels can affect HVAC efficiency.

High Humidity

When humidity levels are high in your home, your home might feel warmer than usual, even when the thermostat reads a low temperature. If your system fails to maintain an appropriate humidity level, the air feels heavier and warmer as a result.

Many homeowners place dehumidifiers in damp spaces such as basements or bathrooms to remove excess moisture. Though helpful, dehumidifiers take up space in your home. To better control the humidity, have your air conditioning checked. A quick tune-up can increase your HVAC efficiency and lower the humidity significantly.

Low Humidity

HVACAs Montana approaches winter, it’s important to remember that low humidity can also wreak havoc on your system. Cold air isn’t able to hold moisture in the same way warm air can, making your home feel chillier than it should. Occupants might also experience cracked skin, irritated eyes, and dry nasal passages. Low humidity can also damage the flooring and furniture in your home.  

To rid your home of dry indoor air, first inspect your home for areas of air escape. To contain the humidity, patch up any place where your warm air might leave your home.

Though tricks like drying clothes on your radiator might increase humidity levels, it is much safer and more productive to call an HVAC service and schedule an appointment. Like your air conditioning, your heat can run inefficiently, making your home uncomfortable. An HVAC specialist can either help you fix the issue or prevent future humidity problems.


All Valley Mechanical in Columbia Falls, MT, wants to help you learn how to successfully control humidity levels in your home. With an emphasis on customer service and expertise, their friendly technicians are required to be up-to-date on the latest HVAC innovations and technology. Visit their website to learn more about services such as air conditioning installation, furnace repair and emergency AC repair. 

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