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Why Do Carbs Get Such a Bad Rap? October 24, 2017

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Why Do Carbs Get Such a Bad Rap?, Watchung, New Jersey

It’s hard to dismiss the common notion that carbohydrates are bad for you. With all of the diets, fads, and products that promise a lean and healthy figure if you only remove carbs, it’s easy to believe that eliminating them from your diet can be a cure-all. However, there are misconceptions when it comes to carbohydrates. The experts at New Life Wellness & Weight Loss take pride in guiding their clients in the New Jersey area to healthy weight loss through nutritional counseling. Below they describe why carbohydrates get such a bad rap. 

Carbohydrates Are Misunderstood

While carbohydrates can often be a major factor in weight control, the reason that they are viewed in a negative light is because they are made up of sugar molecules that turn into glucose within your body. They elevate blood sugar levels, which are a concern for many people who deal with serious health issues, such as diabetes or heart disease.

Are Carbs Bad for Me?

healthy weight lossCarbohydrates are not bad for you. However, it is important to understand that all carbohydrates are not the same. Carbohydrates can make or break a diet, depending upon which type you choose. If you go with sugary sweets, expect your sugar levels to soar, exposing you to ups and downs we all know as ‘sugar crashes.’ Instead, focus on including healthy, fiber rich carbohydrates in your diet for healthy weight loss. Choose whole grain breads, fruits, and nutrient-rich legumes. Fiber is key to slowing the absorption process of carbohydrates within your body. Instead of a sugar crash, you will experience balanced energy levels. 

If you have questions regarding weight control, or you are seeking guidance for a healthy weight loss process, the nutritional counseling at New Life Wellness & Weight Loss is a great start. The kind and supportive staff are on hand to help you begin your journey to health. Call them today at (908) 279-7740 or visit their website for more information. 

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