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The Shepherd’s Guide Business Directory Reminds Us That Print Publications Are Still Thriving February 24, 2015

Towson, Baltimore County
The Shepherd’s Guide Business Directory Reminds Us That Print Publications Are Still Thriving, Towson, Maryland

We live in an age of e-readers, email, audiobooks, and podcasts. It’s easy to assume that the written word is pretty much going the way of the dinosaur and the dodo; this assumption, however, is simply not true. For instance, a recent study showed that 43% of local advertising is done successfully through direct mail campaigns—the good, old-fashioned snail-mail way. The business networking professionals at The Shepherd’s Guide are industry leaders in Christian business listing services, and they remind us that print advertising is very much alive in our tech-centric world.

Print media tends to make a more lasting impression upon your customers. When a potential customer sees your local business listing, they are noticing the extra effort you have put into advertising your business. Digital media advertising is still the more popular choice for many businesses, so when a customer gets your printed advertisement, he or she knows that you have gone the extra mile to win his or her business. After all, not every customer is going to be at the computer screen all day, or even has ready access to a computer. This demographic should not be ignored in favor of more tech-savvy customers.

A study conducted by the Direct Marketing Association concluded that for every dollar spent on print advertising, an average of $12.57 in sales were generated. So, in the end, your printed listing—targeted toward your key demographic audience—may not be seen by scores of internet users, but it may be bringing you a higher return on your investment. This high rate of return was not industry-specific; any business that utilized print advertising was shown to financially benefit from it.

The Shepherd’s Guide in Towson, Maryland provides Christian businesses with a place to advertise their goods or services to like-minded customers. Print is still a thriving medium, and they encourage you to call (410) 821-7000 or visit their website to see how they can expand your audience and get your name out there. The Shepherd’s Guide helps customers find the trusted Christian businesses they want to support.