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3 Reasons You Should Consider a Kitchen Remodel October 20, 2017

Greece, Monroe
3 Reasons You Should Consider a Kitchen Remodel, Greece, New York

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in a home, but it's seldom the best-designed one. Battling too few cabinets, mismatched elements, and a poor layout can make everyday tasks feel unbearable. Luckily, a kitchen remodel allows a homeowner to transform the room into a fully functional, customized space.

If you're on the fence about whether or not you should take on remodeling projects, here are three compelling reasons that you should:

1. Increased Value

One of the best reasons to update your kitchen is the potential for increased value. According to Consumer Reports, a kitchen remodel can boost the value of your home by up to 7%. Even if you're not looking to sell, you can use this increase in market cost to secure a home equity loan and take on more remodeling projects.

2. Functionality

Kitchen RemodelThe two primary purposes of a kitchen are to cook meals and store food, and if the space isn't designed for your needs, then it can feel like a daily battle. Fortunately, a kitchen remodel is an excellent way to create a space that works for you. Your contractor can help you design a layout that covers the issues you're currently experiencing, such as pantry or counter space, and transfer those ideas into reality.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Another great reason to start a kitchen remodel is aesthetics. No one wants to spend time in a room that they consider to be ugly, and outdated kitchens are notorious for their lack of visual appeal especially when viewed through modern eyes. Remodeling can bring the space into this century and transform it into a room that you want to hang out in, regardless of the task at hand. Plus, if you do decide to sell in the future, a beautifully designed kitchen can help your home stand out and become a top competitor in the market.


Ready to finally get the kitchen of your dreams? Contact Rosa Remodeling in Rochester, NY, for expert service and unmatchable quality. Boasting nearly 40 years of experience, the remodeling contractor has earned a reputation for going above and beyond to bring their clients the results they deserve. Browse some of the team's previous kitchen remodels on their online gallery, and start the process today by scheduling a consultation at (585) 303-6979. 

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