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How Preventive Pet Wellness Treatments Can Reduce Vet Bills November 1, 2017

Montgomery, Montgomery
How Preventive Pet Wellness Treatments Can Reduce Vet Bills , Montgomery, Ohio

Maintaining your pet’s health can become quite costly if you aren’t doing enough to protect them from preventable conditions. Aside from feeding them a good diet, making sure they stay active, and getting an annual pet wellness checkup, there are several preventive care treatments you should consider having done. Taking steps to prevent ailments can help save you a great deal of money on veterinarian bills in the long run. The dedicated staff at TLC Pet Care Centers in Cincinnati, OH, offers pet owners a variety of services designed to keep animals happy and healthy.

Below, they discuss some of the top ways to reduce the risk of your pet developing an illness:

  • Receive Routine Dental Care: Poor dental health can lead to serious diseases in dogs. It’s important to brush their teeth at home as well as bring them in periodically for an oral inspection and cleaning by an animal care professional. 
  • pet wellnessGuard Against Ticks & Fleas: Ticks and fleas have the potential to give your pet Lyme disease and allergic dermatitis. If your pet is frequently outdoors, it’s crucial to check them over carefully for signs of external parasites and apply flea and tick medications to keep the pests off their body.
  • Watch Out for Internal Parasites: Pets are vulnerable to parasitic infections such as heartworm, tapeworm, and roundworm. It’s essential for any pet wellness treatment plan to include annual fecal exams at the vet and the appropriate dose of preventive medicine.
  • Vaccinate to Avoid Infectious Diseases: Infectious diseases such as feline leukemia and parvovirus commonly plague cats and dogs. The most effective way to keep your pet from catching these is to have them vaccinated. This will cost much less than having to treat them after they’ve already contracted the disease.

Practicing good preventive care will yield better results at your pet wellness checkups every year. This will not only give you peace of mind about your pet’s health, but it will also significantly cut down on how much you’re likely to spend at the vet over their lifetime. Contact TLC Pet Care Centers at their East Cincinnati location at (513) 683-2300, or call their facility on the West Side at (513) 825-4011. You can also visit them online to learn more about the prevention services they provide.

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