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Top 3 Advantages of Signing Up for Automatic Oil & Propane Delivery October 20, 2017

Moodus, Middlesex
Top 3 Advantages of Signing Up for Automatic Oil & Propane Delivery , Moodus, Connecticut

You deserve the most cost-effective and convenient way to keep a steady supply of fuel on hand. And with automatic oil or propane delivery, you capitalize on a number of benefits. However, it’s important to choose a fuel supplier you can trust, which is why the residents of Moodus, CT, turn to Dutch Oil Co. They offer a range of heating services designed to help clients keep their home as efficient and comfortable as possible. Below, the company goes over some of the top advantages of scheduling your heating oil or propane to be automatically delivered.

3 Reasons to Schedule Automatic Oil or Propane Delivery

1. Limitless Supply

You shouldn’t have to worry about running out of fuel during the freezing winter. Busy day-to-day schedules can make it difficult to remember to call for a fuel delivery before this happens. When you set up an automatic service, however, the company determines how much oil or propane you need based on previous usage and the size of your home without requiring you to call and make an order.

2. Comfortable Indoor Temperatures

propane deliveryEven if you haven’t completely run out of fuel, it may get too low to sufficiently heat your home. Emergency oil or propane deliveries are inconvenient because you’re without heat and hot water for a period. An automatic option ensures indoor temperatures are consistently warm for you and your family’s comfort.

3. Payment Options

Often, delivery services offer customers flexible payment plans on automatic fuel orders. This allows you to make arrangements to pay when it’s best for you instead of spending the money at the time of delivery. You also benefit from significant savings by having your fuel on autofill rather than relying on a rush delivery when you forget to place an order. 

With automatic oil or propane delivery, you can rest easy knowing your fuel will always arrive before your current supply runs out. Homeowners in Middlesex County know their best source for quality fuel at reasonable prices is Dutch Oil Co. Call (860) 873-3876 to schedule service, and visit them online to learn more about their various delivery services. 

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