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4 Commonly Asked Questions About Brake Repairs October 26, 2017

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4 Commonly Asked Questions About Brake Repairs, North Madison, Ohio

To reduce your chances of needing a brake repair, it’s important to schedule regular vehicle maintenance. But what exactly does this entail? Below, Madison Muffler and Auto in Madison, OH, shares four questions they are commonly asked about brake repair so that you can stay safe while driving.

4 Brake Repair FAQs

How Do I Know My Brakes Need to be Repaired?

If your brakes do not react when you push down the pedal or if they slowly depress, you should bring your car in for repairs. Similarly, if you notice your brakes aren’t automatically slowing down on curves and hills while you’re using cruise control, this could indicate a safety issue.

When Should I Have My Brakes Inspected?

Most vehiclebrake repair manufacturers recommend having your brakes inspected by a mechanic every 5,000 miles or five months, whichever happens first. If you drive a lot, you should bring your vehicle in more frequently for brake maintenance to reduce the likelihood of needing costly emergency repairs.

How Do My Brakes Affect Tire Life?

When you brake, your tires wear due to friction with the pavement. If you stop slowly and bring the car to a complete stop, that provides the best life for your tires. People who frequently stop quickly eat away at their wheel’s rubber, which creates a bumpy and unsafe ride.

What Does It Mean to Flush the Brakes?

Flushing your brakes refers to removing air, water, sludge and contaminants from the system to extend its life span. Check your vehicle’s user manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation on how frequently to flush your brakes for optimal operating. These guidelines vary wildly from one car to the next, with some requiring attention every 25,000 miles and others every 150,000 miles.

Regular maintenance can help your brakes meet and even surpass their expected lifetime. To speak with an expert brake repair technician from Madison Muffler and Auto, call (440) 428-2677, or visit the website for more information. Schedule a preventative maintenance appointment today to ensure your vehicle is safe on the road.