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3 Tips for Choosing the Appropriate Funeral Flowers November 3, 2017

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3 Tips for Choosing the Appropriate Funeral Flowers, Port Jervis, New York

Funeral flowers are a kind and memorable gesture for the bereaved when a loved one is lost, and for many buyers, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The staff at Laurel Grove Florist in Port Jervis, NY, wants to ensure that your gift is both respectful and meaningful. Here, they share a few tips about choosing funeral flowers; this will help you pick out the right arrangement for the occasion.

Important Tips for Choosing Funeral Flowers

1. Follow Cultural Rules

Flower arrangements mean different things in other cultures and may affect how you choose funeral flowers. In Jewish culture, for example, it’s often inappropriate to send flowers. There are also funeral flowers and sympathy flowers, the latter of which should go to the bereaved’s home rather than the funeral home. It’s also impolite to bring flowers. Have them delivered to the funeral home and make sure they’ll arrive so the staff has ample time to place them before guests arrive.

2. Understand Flower Meaning

funeral-flowers-laurel-frove-floristEach flower means something different. Traditionally, lilies are the most common, as they signify sympathy. Gladioli represent strength and can be a nice reflection of the deceased’s personality. Mums are also popular for both males and females. Roses need to be carefully selected—red are for funeral services, and white are for home-delivery sympathy arrangements. If you’re uncertain about what you’re choosing, speak with a florist for advice.

3. Pick the Right Arrangement

The arrangement of the funeral flowers affects its placement and you don’t want to complicate the display. Casket displays are cumbersome and usually picked out by family members. Pieces to be displayed inside the casket are also exclusive to family members. Wreaths are a nice symbol of eternity, though don’t choose anything too large. Your safest bet is a modest flower arrangement that’s easy to place and can be taken home if the bereaved chooses.

If you’re looking for funeral flowers, turn to the staff at Laurel Grove Florist. They have a wide selection and can create a beautiful arrangement for any occasion. Call (845) 856-2713 today to speak with their staff and visit their website and Facebook to browse their products.

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