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Understanding How Your Septic Tank Works October 25, 2017

Waterloo, Monroe
Understanding How Your Septic Tank Works, Waterloo, Illinois

As a homeowner, understanding how plumbing works is an important step in maintaining your residence. Your septic tank is an integral part of this system. Knowing its function—and the problems that can occur with it—will help you arrange for any necessary upkeep and repairs. Here, Waterloo, IL-based J & J Septic & Sewer Cleaning explains what you need to know about your septic tank.

Septic Tank Basics


When you flush the toilet or run the sink, all the water that leaves your house flows through a single main drainage pipe into an underground septic tank. These tanks can be made of varied materials, though concrete, fiberglass, and polyethylene are the most common.

septic tankThe septic tank has one main purpose: It provides a space where wastewater pools long enough for any solid materials to settle to the bottom of the tank in a thick sludge. Lighter substances, such as oil or grease, float to the surface of the water.

While the scum and sludge get stuck in the septic tank, the rest of the wastewater exits through a small opening into the drain field, where it filters through a porous substance, like sand or sawdust, then moves back into the soil and groundwater.

Common Problems

Several common problems can occur in this process. It is necessary to pump the septic tank at regular intervals, or the sludge and oils will clog it. It is also possible to flood the drain field with too much liquid. To keep this from happening, perform regular maintenance.

The staff members at J & J Septic & Sewer Cleaning, LLC in Waterloo, IL, are experienced plumbers who can assist with duties such as septic pumping and installation, sewer line cabling, installation, and repairs. For a free estimate, contact them today by visiting their website or calling (618) 939-3001.

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