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Is Your Old Paper Money Valuable? October 13, 2017

West Nyack, Rockland County
Is Your Old Paper Money Valuable?, West Nyack, New York

By American Coins & Gold

The answer is YES!  Paper currency is known by many different names (national certificates, gold / silver certificates, legal tenders, cash money, paper money, etc) and comes in many different varieties.  The good news is that many different types of paper currency has a value in the marketplace.

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Below we will outline some of the most popular types of Paper Currency being bought and sold on the market today.

Gold & Silver Certificates

At the heightgolden-and-silver-certificates-american-coins-and-gold of the Civil War in 1863 was when Gold Certificates were first printed in the US.  The Gold Certificates that have the most value today are those printed prior to 1880 due to their extreme rarity.  Some of most notable Gold Certificates going for the highest payouts are those larger than $100 denomination.  Also, if you have a Gold Certificate with a serial number beginning with a star (*) it could be extremely valuable.

National Currency

National Currency is also knows as “Antique Currency” being printed between 1862-1935.  It is a common fact that the earlier the denominations were issued, the more valuable the National Currency is.  Some of the common National Currencies with value are:

  • First Charter Notenational-currency-american-coins-and-gold
  • Brown Back National Currency
  • Blue Seal National Currency
  • Small Size National Bank Note

 Legal Tenders

The term lelegal-tender-american-coins-and-goldgal tender is a term with multiple interpretations.  We have found the most accurate definition of a legal tender is a piece of currency that didn’t earn interest, wasn’t issued by the bank, and wasn’t backed by precious metals.  The US Government began releasing Legal Tenders during the Civil War and was met with much speculation among the public because they weren’t  backed by any precious metal.

Some of the most notable Legal Tenders being bought, sold, and appraised today are $2 bills.

Value & Appraisals

Keep in mind that the true value of any Paper Currency has multiple variables including the rarity of the bill, the serial number of the bill, the date issued, and last but not least the overall condition your Paper Currency is in.  The best way to determine the value of any paper currency is to have it evaluated / appraised by a professional Currency dealer.

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