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The Top 4 Items Covered by Homeowners Insurance October 20, 2017

Marietta, Washington
The Top 4 Items Covered by Homeowners Insurance , Marietta, Ohio

For all the money, time, and effort put into buying a house, protecting the investment against the unexpected makes good financial sense. A comprehensive and reliable homeowners insurance policy provides that necessary protection. The Southeastern Ohio-based Simmons Insurance Group continues to be the region's agency of choice for customized and affordable coverage.

With six offices located Coolville, Belpre, Marietta, Pomeroy, Racine, and Athens, the independent agency believes an educated client is the best type of client. It all starts with knowing exactly what a homeowners insurance plan covers.

4 Aspects Covered by Homeowners Insurance

1. Personal Property

From furniture and computer equipment to appliances and televisions, the policy provides coverage against a number of perils. This includes damage causes by natural disasters, plumbing leaks, fire, and theft. Depending on the insurance plan, the policyholder's personal items may also be covered if they're used at other locations. 

2. Structural Damage

homeowners insuranceA homeowners insurance plan will also pick up the tab for structural damage to roofs, garages, decks, and more. Once the policyholder pays their deductible, the carrier assesses whether repair or replacement is the better solution. From there, the claims filed by the policyholder are paid by the insurance provider. 

3. Liability

If someone is injured on your property, homeowners insurance will typically pay for the person's medical expenses if the homeowners is found to be negligent in causing the injury. Coverage can also extend to paying for wages lost while the injured person recuperates, as well as any legal claims. Liability protection includes damage to the property caused by the policyholder, family member, and other persons, too.

4. Temporary Living Expenses

Houses damaged by storms and other natural disasters may cause the structures to be uninhabitable. A standard homeowners insurance plan may pay for living expenses while the property is being repaired. This can include hotel stays, food, and transportation costs.

The experienced and friendly agents at Coggeshall-Simmons Insurance make securing coverage easy and budget friendly. Because no two people are alike, homeowner insurance policies are always created to address the client's unique needs. For free insurance quotes, call (740) 667-3111, or request them online from some of the nation's leading carriers. 

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