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Popular Family-Owned Restaurant Explains Why Pizza Catering Is Perfect for All Occasions November 1, 2017

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Popular Family-Owned Restaurant Explains Why Pizza Catering Is Perfect for All Occasions, Chili, New York

A party isn’t complete without good food, but cooking for a big group of people takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you’re hosting the party alone. According to a popular family-owned restaurant in Rochester, NY, opting for pizza catering is one way to keep everyone at your party happy and fed without spending a fortune.

Find out why catering from your local pizza restaurant is perfect for all occasions below:

Why Is Pizza the Perfect Party Food?

restaurantPizza is a no-fuss dish that matches perfectly with all sorts of appetizers and side dishes. It’s also relatively inexpensive, which makes it easy to serve to a big crowd without spending too much. It’s also easy to eat. You don’t need to sit at a dining table or use a knife and fork—or even a plate. You can enjoy a slice with your guests virtually anywhere in your home. Plus, pizza has many topping selections, like pepperoni, bacon, anchovies, green peppers, mozzarella—you name it; there’s a topping to please every taste. 

What Appetizers Should You Order?

Keep a well-balanced selection by serving chef’s salad or grilled chicken caesar salad. Consider serving glazed pickles to refresh the palate. Deep-fried mozzarella sticks are a big hit among kids and cheese lovers, so make sure to have those at the table as well.

What Drinks Go Well With Pizza?

This depends on what you’re serving and who you’re serving it to. For a kids party, it’s best to skip the regular fizzy drinks and opt for lemonade or fresh fruit punches for a healthier selection. Adults can enjoy a tall Manhattan to go with their classic cheese pizza, as the bittersweet flavor of the whiskey cuts perfectly through the acidity of the tomato sauce. For game night, serve an extra meaty slice of pizza with an ice-cold glass of beer for a perfect balance of sweet and salty. The drink combinations are only limited by your imagination, so be creative!


For mouthwatering wings, fresh pizza, and delectable appetizers, call Colombini’s Pizza & Deli at (585) 889-2213. This family-owned restaurant offers pizza delivery and catering services for celebrations in Rochester, NY. Just make sure to call at least 48 hours in advance! Visit their website for a glimpse of their menu today.

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