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What to Know About Storm Damage Cleanup October 19, 2017

West Hartford, Hartford County
What to Know About Storm Damage Cleanup, West Hartford, Connecticut

Connecticut experiences various weather throughout the year, including severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and snow. Any of these conditions could leave behind a serious mess that requires storm damage cleanup, but not all residents understand what it takes to clean up their landscapes after a major storm leaves them littered with downed trees and uprooted plants. That’s why Alton Tree Services in West Hartford, CT, has compiled this information about the process of proper tree removal and storm damage cleanup.

Guide to Storm Damage Cleanup

What’s Involved in the Cleanup Process?

storm-damage-clean-up-hartford-ctSafety should be a priority. Make sure there are no downed power lines in your yard or at risk of falling into your yard. If you’re certain there’s no immediate threat, inspect your yard to assess the extent of the damage. Gather any debris, such as small branches and address any areas with puddles by filling in those depressions with soil or plants. Remove any broken or damaged limbs from trees to prevent them from falling and injuring someone.

How Do I Deal With Downed Trees?

There are many aspects of storm damage cleanup you can safely do yourself, but tree removal should be left to the professionals, especially if the tree has damaged your property. Many residential tree services offer emergency tree services and can quickly respond if trees are in danger of falling after a storm. They also have the training and experience to deal with trees near power lines.

Residents in the Hartford area can rely on Alton Tree Services to help with storm damage cleanup. They provide various commercial and residential services, including tree removal following severe storms. Call (860) 236-8027 or visit their website to learn more about their tree services.

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