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5 Tips For Responsible Leaf Blower Use October 25, 2017

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5 Tips For Responsible Leaf Blower Use, Monroe, Connecticut

Operating outdoor power tools requires responsibility and attention on the part of the operator. Leaf blowers are no different; they need an alert operator to avoid injury or property damage. To help you stay safe while operating your leaf blower at home, the team from L&R Power Equipment Inc. share several safety tips.

5 Ways to Ensure Safe Leaf Blower Use

1. Wear Safety Glasses 

While using a leaf blower, wear sturdy clothing to protect your skin from flying debris and eye protection to prevent any injuries. You never know what might be lying about in your yard, and the leaf blower is powerful enough to kick up damaging objects.  

2. Protect Your Ears

Loud noises like leaf blowers can cause hearing loss over time. An inexpensive pair of earplugs is only $1, and a high-quality pair will cost you less than $20. It’s a small investment to make for the future of your hearing.blower

3. Stay Level

If you need to get leaves off of your roof or out of a precarious place, consider using attachments to reach them instead of standing on a ladder or roof. It’s easy to lose your sense of where you are on a roof. The last thing you want is to fall; your well-being is far more important than leaf removal.

4. Use As Intended

Blowers are not intended to move heavy items like dirt, rocks, or topsoil. These heavier materials could cause damage to houses, cars, or yourself. Stick to materials like leaves and grass clippings that blowers are designed to move.

5. Stay Alert

Whether you are working around your home or near the street, it’s vital to keep an eye on your surroundings. The constant noise of a blower can make it hard to hear passing cars or other potential hazards. Make sure you look up and around every few minutes and keep your sense of space.

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