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7 Signs You’ve Got Vertigo October 24, 2017

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7 Signs You’ve Got Vertigo, Norwich, Connecticut

Vertigo. or dizziness, is an inner ear disorder that causes a false sensation of movement, as if the room is spinning, or the person is spinning.   Since the inner ear is also responsible for our hearing, an audiologist is often part of the team of doctors that can diagnose and treat this condition. To help determine whether you have vertigo, it is important to identify the symptoms of this dizzying disease.

7 Vertigo Symptoms


Sensations of spinning, whirling, or titling indicate that you may be suffering from vertigo. These symptoms often lead to faintness, nausea, and vomiting. & Headaches

Vertigo can also be related to migraine headaches. When fluid or calcium compiles in the inner ear, the buildup of pressure inside the head can result in a migraine symptoms.

Panic Attacks

Both anticipating and experiencing episodes of vertigo can instigate panic attacks. These sporadic anxiety attacks can last up to thirty minutes, induce perspiration, and incite full-bodied chills.

Inner Ear Infection

This is an inner ear problem, usually viral, that comes on suddenly without warning, and can cause severe hearing loss in one ear along with buzzing and dizziness.  

Hearing Loss

Vertigo can be related to a sudden or gradual loss of hearing, and the consequential need for hearing aids. For those diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, loud sounds can become overwhelmingly painful in the affected ear.


Tinnitus is a telltale sign of damage to the inner ear. This auditory disturbance is characterized by an incessant, irritating ringing or buzzing sound in the ear  and can be related to one’s dizziness.

Ear Pressure

If you are feeling pressure in your ears, schedule an examination with your audiologist. Often diagnosed as Aural Fullness, the movement of the head or changing air pressures can cause vertigo.


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