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What to Expect From Your Assisted Living Facility October 24, 2017

North Bend, King
What to Expect From Your Assisted Living Facility, North Bend, Washington

When the time comes to start looking into assisted living options, you deserve to know what to expect out of the average nursing home. The compassionate caretakers at Red Oak Residence are here to provide you with more information about the many helpful services offered by assisted living centers. Proudly serving clients in and around North Bend, WA, this premier nursing home provides a variety of care services to help you live your life to the fullest, even as you age. Read on to find out more about how assisted living facilities can help you.

What to Expect From Assisted Living Centers

Medical Care

assisted-living-North-Bend-WAOne of the most valuable aspects of assisted living facilities is how helpful they are when it comes to managing the medical needs of their clients. In addition to keeping high-quality medical equipment onsite, they will monitor your medication and book your doctor’s appointments so that you remain in excellent health. 

Activities of Daily Living

The caretakers at your assisted living facility will also help you complete the tasks of everyday living. These include things like bathing, showering, dressing, shaving, teeth brushing, and going to the bathroom. What’s even better is that they’ll help you get from place to place, whether that means assistance with walking or shuttled transportation services.

Apartment Matters

Assisted living centers are also committed to keeping your space tidy. They provide regular housekeeping and laundry services to keep your room clean and fresh. Additionally, they will be happy to look after your pets, making sure they stay healthy and happy.

When you want the highest quality care during your twilight years, put your trust in the assisted living services at Red Oak Residence of North Bend. Give them a call at (425) 888-7108 today to speak with a hospitable customer service representative about starting senior care, and visit them online for more information about this esteemed nursing home.

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