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Hiring Caterers? Ask These 3 Questions Before Making Your Decision November 3, 2017

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Hiring Caterers? Ask These 3 Questions Before Making Your Decision, Westport, Connecticut

When you’re planning an event, such as a wedding, banquet, or large party, you may decide to hire caterers. However, before jumping in and making a decision, it’s crucial to ask a few questions of prospective hiring choices. Comparing answers between different companies and understanding what you need could make a significant difference in your decision. If you’re looking to hire a caterer, use the following list to guide your interviews.

What to Ask Before Hiring Caterers

1. Are You Familiar With the Venue?

If the caterer you’re questioning has worked in the venue before, they’ll be one step ahead of the competition. If they haven’t but offer to scope it out, this indicates a high level of professionalism. Great companies know that familiarizing themselves with the space ahead of time will make the event go smoother. Plus, they’ll be able to tell you if there’s enough space in the kitchen or if the electrical outlets can support their needs.

2. What Does the Fee Include?

caterersDifferent companies include various costs in their overall fees. However, it’s imperative to clear the air ahead of time so you aren’t left with a confusing bill at the end of the event. Tax, gratuities, drink service, and alcohol are just a few items that may be billed after your occasion. By knowing ahead of time, you can prepare for these costs and not feel blindsided when the bill arrives.  

3. Can I Schedule Tastings?

If you’ve never tasted the food from a particular caterer or are unsure about their presentation skills, ask if you can schedule a tasting. This meeting will give you a clear understanding of what to expect, as well as the service and presentation you’ll receive at your event. Always ask your caterer instead of assuming tastings are included in the catering cost.


As the big day for your event draws nearer, hiring the right caterers is crucial. Fortuna’s Deli & Caterers of Westport, CT, offers high-quality service and delicious food for events in the surrounding areas. With their delectable menu and customizable options, you can create an event worth remembering. If you have any questions, stop by in person or give them a call at (203) 226-3587. You can also view the catering menu online.
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