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Diversify Your Referral Network: Greater DC & NYC November 6, 2019

Kensington, 13
Diversify Your Referral Network: Greater DC & NYC, 13, Maryland

No matter the size of your practice, or how new it is; it’s always prudent to try to expand the volume and diversity of your referrals. A more diverse referral network means more security for you, in case one of your sources dries up, and higher volume will allow you to expand. Establishing a successful private practice depends on your ability to build these relationships, and NYC and Washington D.C.’s Metro Collaborative® has a way to make that easier. All the Metro independent area clinicians are invited to the clinical community open houses for collaborative medicine and healthcare at upcoming dinners, retreats (Villa Serena) and clinician social events.

The Value of Collaborative Health Care

CliniciansCollaborative Medicine in mainstream and alternative healthcare can agree: a practice is always learning and growing. The event on December 3rd on lower 5th Av will bring together clinicians from across the aisle, encouraging them to exchange ideas, techniques, and healthcare philosophies through guided discussion. You’ll walk out of this meeting with a fresh outlook on contemporary medical issues, a few things to research, and several contacts for future referrals. In all, it helps to advance the quality of care enjoyed by all patients.

Higher Referral Quality

Who’s more likely to get your referral, someone you’ve seen online who looks pretty good or someone you’ve actually met?   The dinners are perfect for newcomers to the D.C. or Philly, or greater NYC areas as well as for established clinicians. The guided discussion gives a platform to your ideas, allowing newer practices to assert themselves, cultivate referrals, and create a niche — while introducing larger practices to new connections. Collaborative medicine brings out each clinician’s specialty. Attendees have found like-minded clinicians in fields of medicine they’d never expect — what better way to source referrals than to meet other clinicians face-to-face?

Mainstream and alternative healthcare specialists alike: develop your care, expand your referrals, and make lasting connections with exclusive access to a quality network in greater NYC and D.C. clinicians as well as online courses for all; working with those wanting clinical connection and community.  Get your seat at the table today by signing up on the Metro Collaborative® website.

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