Delridge, Washington

Painting Contractor Suggests Improving Curb Appeal With a New Paint Job October 26, 2017

Delridge, Seattle
Painting Contractor Suggests Improving Curb Appeal With a New Paint Job, Seattle, Washington

The exterior of your home can make a lasting first impression, as passersby often form an opinion based on the outer appearance. If you are looking to improve your curb appeal, one of the simplest and best ways to do so is with a brand-new paint job. In fact, according to Amity Painting Company, a top painting contractor in Seattle, WA, a fresh coat can make your house appear newer, evoke positivity, and make your home more inviting.

Here, their experts explain why you should invest in this cosmetic upgrade:

  • Looks Like New: Cracked, peeling, or faded paint looks old and tired. Because paint covers such a large surface area of your home, it plays a large role in its overall appearance. Thus, when your paint looks poor, your home looks older. Bring in a professional painting contractor to give your house a face-lift. A brand new layer can take years off the building and has the power to transform a 50-year-old home and make it look like new again.

  • Breeds Positivity: painting contractorCertain colors give off specific feelings in people. Warm neutrals, light green, and soft yellows all make one feel calm and happy. Utilize different colors on your exterior to evoke a sense of positivity. Consider keeping your walls a neutral color, such as cream or gray. Then, add a pop of gentle color by painting the garage door or wooden shutters. This will make all who drive by feel the same sense of home as the homeowners themselves.

  • Becomes More Inviting: Whether you’re trying to sell your home or just hoping to make some neighborly friends, a fresh coat of paint can make your house seem more friendly and welcoming. A building that is well-manicured and up-to-date suggests the same of its owner. Thus, people are more likely to want to be around you. Hire a painting contractor to re-do your exterior, then throw your first dinner party to celebrate.

All residential exterior painting contractors understand the power of a new coat of paint. If you are ready to improve your curb appeal, call on Amity Painting Company. The name of their business means “friendship,” and their service provides the same warm, intimate feeling. Since 2003, they have provided exceptionally detailed and affordable work for residents of Seattle. For more information, visit their website or call (425) 205-5942 today.

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