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3 Green Solutions to Reduce Your Energy Bill October 26, 2017

3 Green Solutions to Reduce Your Energy Bill, ,

If your energy bill is growing each month, you’ll want to find ways to reduce it. Sometimes, lowering your air conditioner or turning off the lights isn't enough to make a significant difference. That's why Bonham Electric, Inc., a top electrical contractor in Dayton, OH, has offered their top three green solutions to help you reduce your energy costs.

Green Solutions to Lower Your Bill

green solutions1. Change Lightbulbs

The bulbs lighting your home could be draining more energy than they’re worth. Try switching to compact fluorescent light (CFL) or light-emitting diode (LED). This change alone can provide up to 80% greater energy efficiency than standard incandescent lighting. Though the initial cost is higher, they last longer and use less energy. This means you will notice excellent savings in the long run.

2. Improve Insulation

Insulation is responsible for keeping conditioned air inside where it belongs. A poorly insulated room or home means your air conditioner or heater will have to work much harder to keep you comfortable. Invest in additional insulation and seal off any gaps in your doors, windows, and walls. This is one of many green solutions that is affordable and provides a high return on investment. 

3. Plant Trees

A house in direct sunlight will quickly absorb heat. Thus, providing your home with more shade will help keep it cool. By planting a few strategic trees in your front and backyard, you can keep your home temperate with less energy. Not only are these trees acting as green solutions for your house, but they are also helping to improve the air and environment.

Consider these simple green solutions to help lower your monthly energy and electric bills. If you need a professional residential electrician, call Bonham Electric, Inc. They have been providing Dayton area residents with exceptional 24-hour service since 1959. For more information, visit their website or call (937) 233-7662 today.

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