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How to Test Your Water Quality October 25, 2017

New Haven, New Haven, CT
How to Test Your Water Quality , New Haven, Connecticut

The water quality in your home is extremely important to ensure the health of your family and that your plumbing systems are working properly. Bad water can make you sick, damage your pipes, and even cause you to have dry or brittle skin, hair, and nails. A professional test in your home can help determine if your supply is up to standard, which is why the clean water experts at Regional Water Authority in New Haven, CT, have created a short guide to show you how it’s done.

Reasons for Testing

water qualityTesting equipment for water quality is not one-size-fits-all—different devices are designed for different types of contaminants. Call your local lab and describe your concerns first. For example, if you notice strange stains on your clothes after you wash them, test for iron, copper, and manganese. However, if you notice a gas-like smell coming from your water, you will need to test for volatile organic compounds (VOC), instead. Once you and your testing lab have determined your possible contaminants, they will send you a test to do in your home.

How Testing Will Be Performed

Testing procedures are similar to equipment—the types of contaminants will determine how the test is performed. Some tests require a lab technician to be sent to your home, a sterilized container to be used, or additional steps to be taken, rather than you simply collecting your tap water. Two important steps you should take, regardless of what types of contaminants you have, are to check for any leaks from your water source and to disinfect the area before collecting your samples. Residual bacteria can affect your water quality results, and leaks can be a sign of other serious issues.

When it comes to something as essential to your daily life as water, you should never have to compromise on quality. That’s why Regional Water Authority has dedicated their services to ensure their customers have clean sources to drink from. For more information on how to test your water quality, give them a call directly at (203) 562-4020 or visit them online today.