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3 Carpentry Repairs You Might Need Prior to Exterior Painting October 18, 2017

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3 Carpentry Repairs You Might Need Prior to Exterior Painting, Ossining, New York

Exterior painting is an excellent way to spruce up your home. Whether you go for a darker shade or want to switch it up with a colorful hue, this simple treatment will drastically improve your curb appeal. CET Painting in Westchester County, NY, advise homeowners not to jump into a project prematurely due to several carpentry concerns that may need attention. 

A List of Carpentry Repairs to Complete Before Exterior Painting 

Rotted Soffit

exterior paintingThe underside of a structure is known as a soffit. This includes archways, balconies, or overhanging areas. After years of exposure to the elements, they can gradually start to retain moisture and rot away. Hiding this issue with a new coat of paint is not the answer. Get problem areas inspected and their materials replaced before commencing exterior painting. 

Weakened Fascia

The fascia is found at the end of your home’s rafters. It’s a slim board that covers the opening under the roof and can lose a good portion of its stability if left compromised by damage. Have a new piece of wood installed in this area to prevent future issues.  

Rough Siding

Every surface should be scanned over and tended to before paint is applied. This means sanding and scraping wood siding to sufficiently prep it for the upgrade. This will ensure the color adheres properly and will keep your home looking its best for years to come.

If you’re in need of exterior or interior painting, connect with the experts at CET Painting. They’re recognized as the region’s leading painting contractor and specialize in both residential and commercial projects. To set up an appointment with this licensed company, call (914) 615-1415. Visit their website for additional information about their services and like them on Facebook for updates. 

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