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3 Questions You Should Ask a Professional Before Mailbox Installation October 30, 2017

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3 Questions You Should Ask a Professional Before Mailbox Installation, Somers, Montana

Whether you’re building a new home or your old mailbox has seen better days, it might be time for you to get mailbox installation. But how do you go about finding a qualified professional to do the job? Below, Boundary Line Fence, located in Somers, MT, shares some good questions to ask a contractor before you hire them to install your new mailbox.

3 Questions for a Mailbox Installation Professional

1. What Kind of Mailboxes Do You Install?

From brick mailboxes, to traditional post mailboxes, to vintage letter boxes, the possibilities for your mailbox installation are countless. Before you hire a contractor to install your mailbox, ask them what materials they work with. Do they lay brick? Make sure they can work with your ideas for the ideal mailbox for your home.

Mailbox Installation2. How Do you Adhere to Official Regulations & Zoning Policies? 

The United States Postal Service has specific mailbox installation guidelines that any professional mailbox installer should be aware of. These parameters are for the purpose of making the box accessible to mail delivery personnel, and yet far enough away from the street to prevent neighbors from backing into it. Additionally, qualified professional will be able to check if there are any subterranean cables or pipelines in the area so they can safely avoid them during your mailbox installation.

3. How Often Do You Install Mailboxes?

It’s always good to learn how much experience a contractor has with specific types of jobs, so don’t be afraid to ask. It’s rare that a company will specialize in mailbox installation, but they should know what they’re doing before you hire them. If their experience is sufficient, ask for a project cost estimate and let your contractor get to work!

If you’re looking to hire an expert for a mailbox installation project, look no further than the professionals at Boundary Line Fence. These contractors can install mailboxes, fencing, gates, and even flagpoles, and they do it with integrity and honesty. Trust them with your mailbox project by calling them at (406) 309-5010 and visit their website to learn more.

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