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How to Remove Stickers From Your Car Windows November 14, 2017

Cincinnati, Hamilton
How to Remove Stickers From Your Car Windows, Cincinnati, Ohio

Are you tired of an old or unattractive sticker on your car window? Removing these decorations can be a major project since they're designed to stick to auto glass through inclement weather. But you don't need an entire car window replacement just to get rid of a decal. If you have a stubborn sticker, here are a few steps to removing it.

How to Eliminate an Auto Glass Sticker

1. Peel Carefully

The more of the sticker you can get off by peeling it, the less you have to clean by other methods. Start at a corner and pull diagonally with steady, even pressure. If the sticker tears, pick another angle and start again.

2. Soak It

Mix up some soapy water and use a rag or sponge to thoroughly soak the remaining sticker or adhesive. Give the water time to soak in to remove some of the adhesive's sticking power.

3. Use a Scraper

Auto GlassOld-fashioned elbow grease is a major asset in removing stickers from auto glass. Use a plastic scraper with a narrow edge to lift the adhesive away, or in very stubborn cases, try a razor blade. Be careful not to scratch your paint.

4. Try Alternative Cleaners

In some cases, soap and water aren't enough. Some alternatives include rubbing alcohol, diluted fabric softener, or window cleaner. Once you soak the area with one of these liquids, try again to scrub or scrape the adhesive away.

5. Tidy Up

To finish the cleanup process, thoroughly rinse the area with clean water and dry it with a paper towel. This step should help prevent marks from soap scum or stray pieces of sticker on your car.


With a little care and patience, you can remove that sticker and get your car windows in perfect shape again. But if the adhesive is too much to handle, contact the professionals. GlassPro, Inc. in Lawrenceburg, IN, is your source for reliable auto glass replacement and repairs in the Cincinnati area. Their skilled technicians provide windshield repairs and replacement glass to get your car roadworthy again. To make an appointment, call (513) 874-6559 or contact the shop online today. And remember, you have the right to select your glass company of choice (not your insurance company)!

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