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Top 5 Appetizers at Wasilla's Favorite Dinner Restaurant October 20, 2017

Wasilla, Matanuska-Susitna
Top 5 Appetizers at Wasilla's Favorite Dinner Restaurant, Wasilla, Alaska

Basil Ginger in Wasilla, AK, is a local dinner restaurant best known for its authentic Thai and Chinese cuisine. Their menu includes cultural dishes made from fresh ingredients, and their recipes have been crafted based on traditional preparation methods. Whether you come for a delicious lunch of sushi rolls or a mouth-watering dinner entrée, they offer something for every set of taste buds. The best way to start your meal is by sampling their hand-crafted appetizers. Here are a few of the most popular starters on the menu.

5 Appetizers to Try at Your New Favorite Dinner Restaurant

1. Chicken Lettuce Wrap

This appetizer is low in carbs, so you can indulge while saving room for the main course. The seasoned chicken is cradled by fresh lettuce and made-to-taste with healthy ingredients.

2. Thai Shrimp Cake

dinner-restaurant-Wasilla-AKLoaded with shrimp and cooked to perfection, the Thai shrimp cakes are a specialty dish for seafood lovers. The cakes have a delicious flavor and are served with plum sauce.

3. Coconut Cream Prawns

Not found at your average dinner restaurant, coconut cream prawns are rich in flavor and a complimentary start to a seafood meal. The succulent prawns are soaked in a creamy coconut sauce. The key is using coconut cream to achieve a thick, silky texture.

4. Crab Dip

A good crab dip is a staple in Asian cuisine. Basil Ginger serves a crab dip made from the finest ingredients. It’s the perfect mixture of flavor and texture to highlight the talent of the restaurant’s kitchen staff.

5. Sashimi

Originating in Japan, sashimi is a delicacy of raw fish sliced into thin pieces. The secret to Basil Ginger’s sashimi is the fresh ingredients. It’s one of the most popular dishes on the menu.

Each selection on the Basil Ginger menu is prepared by a talented and experienced chef. No dish leaves the kitchen without the guarantee of fresh ingredients and careful creation. Call them at (907) 376-7222 to ask about specific menu items. You’ll also learn more about your new favorite dinner restaurant on their website.

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