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How Window Tinting Gives Back to Chloe Cares, Inc. November 1, 2017

Culver-Winton-Main, Rochester
How Window Tinting Gives Back to Chloe Cares, Inc. , Rochester, New York

When you make a purchase from Healthy Glass in Rochester, NY, you have the opportunity to give back. The company can donate 10% of your window tinting or other purchase to a nonprofit called Chloe Cares, Inc. Read on to learn about the organization and why Healthy Glass supports their mission.

What Is Chloe Cares, Inc.?

This pending 501c3 nonprofit aims to improve the lives of senior citizens through individualized programming. The volunteer group visits senior living centers, personal residences, and nursing homes in the Greater Rochester area and interviews seniors to get a feel for whether their needs are being met. Then, Chloe Cares, Inc. helps pair elderly people with programming that can improve their lives through socialization and learning experiences.

Volunteers come from elder care organizations, churches, civic groups, and schools. They’re all trained in using their specialized gifts to assist seniors. Financing for the organization comes from individuals, fund-raising, grants, and local businesses and corporations. 

Who Does Chloe Cares, Inc. Help?

window tintingChloe Cares, Inc. volunteers are committed to helping seniors combat loneliness and depression by getting them out of their residences to try activities and outings they may not have attended without a buddy. They work solely with seniors who do not have families to provide these services to people in need of interaction and friendship.

Healthy Glass believes in supporting the local elderly community. That is why they offer customers a chance to donate 10% of every purchase to Chloe Cares, Inc. When you want to lower your electricity bills and turn down the thermostat this winter, consider getting window tinting. This protective film reduces the amount of sunlight let into your home or business, protecting you from UV rays and reducing sun glare. When you go to pay for the window tinting, mention Chloe Cares, Inc., and you can donate 10% of your purchase to help seniors in need in the Rochester area.

To learn more about Healthy Glasses philanthropy, call (585) 402-9224. Visit the website for information on their professional window tinting for improved energy bills, reduced sun glare, and improved privacy.

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