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3 Tips from Dog Training Experts for Exercising Your Senior Dog October 25, 2017

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3 Tips from Dog Training Experts for Exercising Your Senior Dog, Walworth, New York

When your dog is getting on in years, it can often become difficult for them to receive the exercise they need—especially if they’ve got health problems in addition to their old age. The dog training professionals from Orchard Kennels in Walworth, NY, are aware that motivating your elderly pets can often be an uphill battle, so they’ve collected a few helpful tips for you below. 

If you want to put a little pep in your senior dog’s step, try following these three suggestions from the dog training experts at Orchard Kennels: 

  • Try Mixing It Up: Pets, like humans, can get bored with the same old routine, which is why it’s a good idea to mix things up every so often. Next time you take your aging pooch for a walk, try going a different route—perhaps one neither of you are accustomed to. You can also change what you do with them; instead of walking them, see if they’re up for a game of fetch or take them to the dog park. Changing their routine will often give senior dogs a revitalized burst of energy that can be quite beneficial.
  • pet-trainingConsider Where They’re Exercising: When you take your elderly pet for a stroll, most dog training experts will tell you to pay special attention to the surface they’re walking on; this is because tough pavement can do a number on your pet’s paws. If you want them to be able to run about freely and get the exercise they need, the softer the terrain, the better.
  • Don’t Force It: An aging pet will sometimes need to take baby steps to get into the routine of exercising, and it’s important to let this process happen gradually. If you notice your pooch struggling, slow it down and let them dictate the pace at which they’re most comfortable. Any sign of pain or distress from your pet should be a red flag. 

For more tips on how to help your aging pet stay mobile, contact the professionals from Orchard Kennels today at (315) 986-1605. These boarding and dog training experts deal exclusively with large dogs and pride themselves on giving your furry friend the appropriate exercise and attention they need. Visit Orchard Kennels online to learn more about their dog obedience school and see regular updates about their services. 

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