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Nursing Agency Offers 3 Stress-Reducing Tips for Parents October 24, 2017

Rochelle Park, Bergen County
Nursing Agency Offers 3 Stress-Reducing Tips for Parents, Rochelle Park, New Jersey

Being a parent comes with its challenges, but these increase tenfold when you have a chronically ill or seriously injured child. The specialists in pediatric care at Stay Well Services, based in Rochelle Park, NJ, have witnessed the level of stress parents experience when coping with a child's illness. Below, the nursing agency offers their top three stress-reducing techniques to help alleviate anxiety and relax tense muscles.

Nursing Agency Shares Top 3 Stress-Reducing Techniques for Parents 

1. Five-Minute Breathing Break

One of the quickest ways to reduce your stress levels is deep breathing. Constant stress and anxiety can have a negative effect on your body, causing a buildup of tension in your muscles and a weakened immune system. However, five minutes of controlled deep breathing can help relax muscles and increase the oxygen to your brain, resulting in a sense of calm and decreased anxiety. Find a quiet place in your home, sit on the floor or a cushion, and breathe in and out slowly.

2. Stretch It Out

Nursing AgencyMuscles in the neck and shoulder are particularly affected by stress, and constant tension leads to serious pain, headaches, and spasms. Simple stretches can help reduce this tension. As your muscles relax, your brain does as well. When you start to feel overwhelmed, work on some basic stretches for a few minutes until you feel your body relaxing. You can further the effects of your stretching by applying a heating pad and massaging the area.

3. Exercise

Exercise is one of the most beneficial activities for stress reduction. Since your focus is on your child and their needs, you may feel like you don't have any time to fit in a workout. Luckily, it doesn't take much time or physical exertion for your brain to release endorphins. Whether you're taking a quick walk around the block or jogging around your home, you'll find the perfect amount of exercise needed for your body to react positively and minimize your stress levels.

When your child requires around the clock care, a parent can feel like they have to carry all of the responsibility. Stay Well Services can help. From short-term recovery to permanent care, the nursing agency can assist with your day-to-day activities to ensure that your child is properly cared for. They offer both in-school nurse accompaniment and home care services for a variety of diagnoses across Bergen, Essex, and Passaic counties. Learn more about the team and their offerings online or by calling (201) 254-0206.

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