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How to Check Different Fluids in Your Car November 10, 2017

Hilo, Hawaii
How to Check Different Fluids in Your Car, Hilo, Hawaii

Most people know to keep up with their gasoline and oil levels in their car. However, there are multiple other liquids required so your vehicle continues to run smoothly. To help you understand the different fluids and how to check them, Automotive Supply Center in Hilo, HI, shares their knowledge.

The automotive supplies experts explain what these fluids do and how to check them to keep your car functioning properly:

  • Brake Fluid: Hydraulic brakes and clutch applications require the use of fluid to function. Whether you drive an automatic, a motorcycle, or a pickup truck, you'll need to know how to check the levels. You can find the location of the reservoir in your vehicle's manual. It is typically a translucent plastic material, meaning you can visually check the liquid levels. Notice the marking on the container, and fill it to this line if the fluid is too low.

  • automotive suppliesOil: Today, most cars can go 5,000 to 10,000 miles between oil changes. However, if you drive more or less than the average person, this can vary. Thus, it is important to know how to check your oil. There is a dipstick labeled “oil” under the hood. Twist and remove it, wipe it clean of oil, then insert it back into the cylinder. Remove it once more to get an accurate reading of the oil. There will be a mark on the stick to indicate whether you need to add more fluid.

  • Coolant: Your coolant does more than ensuring your air conditioner functions properly; it also keeps your vehicle from overheating and breaking down. Check the coolant levels by locating the radiator. The container is often clear so you can easily see how full the tank is, and you’ll notice a mark that indicates the proper level. If more is required, purchase additional coolant at an automotive supplies shop.

Keeping the different fluids at the required levels will extend your vehicle’s life span. When you need to refill, you can find it all at Automotive Supply Center. This family-owned business has served the Hilo community since 1956 and provides high-quality brands designed to make your vehicle run efficiently. For more information, visit their website or call (808) 935-3767 today.

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