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5 Common Port-A-Potty Misconceptions Debunked October 17, 2017

Westboro, Taylor
5 Common Port-A-Potty Misconceptions Debunked, Westboro, Wisconsin

The port-a-potty has been a functional staple at outdoor events for decades. In recent years, portable toilets have come quite a long way. With added features to support cleanliness and functionality, the outdoor stalls of yesteryear are long gone.

Still, some misconceptions linger. Serving Taylor, Price, and all surrounding counties in Wisconsin, Silver Creek Services is here to dispel false beliefs.

5 Port-A-Potty Myths

1. There’s No Way to Clean Your Hands

Today’s portable toilets boast built-in hand sanitizers, making it easy for users to clean their hands when running water isn’t present. Additionally, many models also feature hands-free door technology to further prevent the spread of germs.  

2. They’re Not Suited for Nighttime Use

Are you planning a race with an early-morning start time, or do have upcoming festivities which will continue after the sun sets? Motion-sensing technology prompts the port-a-potty lights to flick on when in use, so guests will be accommodated even when it’s dark out.   

3. They Don’t Work for Formal Occasions

Today’s outdoor facilities are built to fit even the most elegant affairs. VIP trailer restrooms are available to suit formal outdoor events, such as weddings. These models resemble full-service bathrooms with flushing capabilities and hand washing stations, all in an attractive and comfortable housing.

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4. They’re Not Handicap-Accessible

Traditional outdoor toilets may present difficulties for guests in wheelchairs, but there are now models designed specifically with these attendees in mind. Offering additional space and handles with added grip, wheelchair accessible stalls make it possible for everyone to use outdoor facilities.

5. They’re Too Expensive

While numerous factors determine the cost of port-a-potty rentals, they’re an affordable way to keep your guests comfortable and satisfied. You can seek a rental company with flat fees incorporating pick-up and delivery charges, so there are never any surprise costs.

Silver Creek Services can help make your next event a success with their reliable, high-quality port-a-potty rentals. When choosing their team, you can expect to receive outstanding services and upfront pricing with no hidden fees. To reserve restrooms for your next outdoor occasion in Westboro, WI, or the surrounding areas, call (715) 965-7082 or visit the company online for more information.  

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