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The Top 3 Wedding Flower Trends for 2018 October 23, 2017

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The Top 3 Wedding Flower Trends for 2018, Port Jervis, New York

Of all the decorations that go into a wedding, the most important are flowers; they appear just about everywhere you look during the ceremony, reception, and celebration, from dining centerpieces to bridal accessories. But, wedding flowers are just as fickle as the larger fashion world—what was popular in 2015 or 2016 may be out of style for the coming year.

Laurel Grove Florist, a florist based in Port Jervis, NY, shares some of the biggest wedding flower trends to look for in 2018:

1. Non-Centerpiece Flower Arrangements

It's traditional for weddings to feature floral centerpieces at each table during the dinner and celebration. But, depending on the size of the wedding and the number of tables, these can get pretty expensive. Couples are moving toward investing in two elaborate flower arrangements on either side of the wedding aisle that can later be repurposed for other parts of the event. This technique saves money and offers a chance to be creative with your resources. 

2. Flower Accessories

floristFlower crowns have been trending upward for a few years now, but experts think that it's gradually ceding ground to fresher, more inventive flower accessories. The up-and-coming flower uses include the flower tiara, a subtler variation on the flower crown, flower bracelets, and even flower necklaces. 

3. Bright Colors

Flower colors move in phases, too. Recently, pastel-colored flowers have been a wedding favorite, but 2018 seems primed to bring back floral arrangements with splashier colors. Look for highly saturated blues and magentas to make a big comeback next year. 

Laurel Grove Florist has been putting together fresh, striking flower arrangements since 1912. What's allowed the locally owned and operated florist to stay in business for over a century? A commitment to giving each client the attention they deserve. Floral designers are on hand every day to help brainstorm with customers and guide them to the perfect flower bouquets and arrangements for their event. Visit the website to read some of the team’s testimonials, or call them directly at (845) 856-3623.  

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