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HVAC Contractor Lists 3 Tips for Improving Energy Efficiency October 17, 2017

Montgomery Village, Montgomery
HVAC Contractor Lists 3 Tips for Improving Energy Efficiency, Montgomery Village, Maryland

If your home is cool in the winter despite raging HVAC units and high utility bills, increasing your property’s energy efficiency may entice you. The experienced HVAC contractors at Akor Mechanical in Montgomery Village, MD, offer advice to many homeowners on how to accomplish this. To assist you in doing the same, they list a few tips below. 

How to Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency According to HVAC Contractors

1. Insulation

Insufficient insulation in your walls or attic allows hot or cool air to escape your rooms. Insulation made of high-quality materials, on the other hand, will hold them in, reducing how hard your units have to work to maintain desired temperatures. Tending to your attic is especially important in the winter, as hot air rises and you’ll want to keep it from seeping through your roof. 

2. Furnace

HVAC contractorOlder furnaces aren’t as energy-efficient as modern varieties. For those interested in a replacement, central air systems distribute warm or cool air evenly throughout the home. This is a viable solution to having multiple heating units in various rooms.

3. Windows

If your windows don’t seal properly when closed, your heating and cooling could be spilling out over their sills. While replacement windows can be expensive, the savings you’ll make off your monthly bills and the added comfort you’ll enjoy will be well worth the investment. An HVAC contractor can point you in the direction of Energy Star®-certified models.  

Akor Mechanical prides itself on customer satisfaction, which is how they grow and maintain their client base of home and business owners around Gaithersburg and Montgomery Village, MD. This HVAC contractor provides a variety of residential and commercial services, including ductwork, air conditioning installation and repairs, heating system repair, and heating and air inspections. Visit their website or call them at (301)250-5251.

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