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Discover What Car Wax Is & All It Has to Offer Your Vehicle October 18, 2017

Evergreen, Flathead
Discover What Car Wax Is & All It Has to Offer Your Vehicle, Evergreen, Montana

Car wax is a product used as the finishing touch after washing. Not only does it provide the protection your vehicle needs against the elements, but it also helps the paint retain its pristine condition. How does it achieve these effects? Below, the experts at Bumper To Bumper Detailing, Kalispell, MT’s go-to source for car washing and polishing, explain how waxing works.

What Is Car Wax?

car waxCar wax is a clear material rubbed onto the exterior of a vehicle and produces a glossy appearance as well as a protective layer. This seals the paint and prevents the elements from damaging the surface of your car or truck. Once a solid coat of wax has been applied, you won’t have to worry about any scratches from road debris or oxidation from sun exposure.

How Often Is Waxing Necessary?

As with everything else in the auto industry, car wax has changed over time. While it still creates an attractive shine, drivers don’t have to apply it as often. The components used within the material have been updated with additives that make application easier and longer-lasting. Instead of spending a couple of hours on the weekend at the body shop, technicians can quickly apply a coating that lasts for several months. Most professional detailing services suggest reapplying at least twice a year to ensure your vehicle receives the protection it deserves.

When you need quality car wax service, set up an appointment with Bumper To Bumper Detailing. They’re the leading full-service detailing shop in the Flathead Valley, and each technician is trained in the latest polishing techniques. Call (406) 752-3623 to schedule a visit, and check out their website for more details on how they’ll make your car shine.

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