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4 FAQs About Putting Down Mulch During the Fall October 31, 2017

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4 FAQs About Putting Down Mulch During the Fall, Moscow Mills, Missouri

It’s no secret Missouri winters can be brutal, especially on vegetation. Fall is one of the best times to mulch your garden and help guard your plants against the upcoming frost. Local gardeners rely on mulch to help their landscapes retain moisture, keep weeds at bay, and improve the appearance of their garden beds. Predominately made from bark, wood chips, and sawdust, this layer insulates the root system while keeping nutrients in the soil and increasing biological activity.

While preparing your landscape for the upcoming cooler months, here are four frequently asked questions to keep in mind about mulching during the fall.

4 Common Questions About Mulch

Why Is Mulching Beneficial In Fall?

Think of mulch as a protective blanket for plants. Laying down mulch during this time of the year will help guard roots from winter’s extreme temperatures, as well as frost. If your region doesn’t receive much precipitation during these cooler months, mulch also helps soil retain moisture.

When Is the Best Application Time?

The best time to apply mulch is after fall’s first hard frost. When applied too early, this material can cause the soil to retain heat, which delays the freezing process.

How Much Should Be Used?

mulchAs a rule of thumb, you should use three to four inches of mulch, opting for a material that’s medium or coarse in texture. When applying it around trees, extend around the trunk to cover a four- to five-foot diameter.

Where Should It Be Applied?

Concentrate mulch in spots such as planting beds, shrubs, and under trees. For the latter, avoid applying it around the tree’s base, and, instead, try to create a donut hole around the trunk. This material is also suited for places where you want to add a bit of beauty to your landscape.


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