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3 Signs Your Heating System Need an Air Conditioning Contractor October 20, 2017

Aiea, Ewa
3 Signs Your Heating System Need an Air Conditioning Contractor, Ewa, Hawaii

As temperatures drop, the blankets and sweaters come out — and the thermostat inevitably goes up. What happens, though, if you’re set to enjoy a cozy night in and the air feels suspiciously cool? You should get in touch with an air conditioning contractor to inspect your heating system. Here are three key signs that there may be a problem brewing.

3 Signs You May Need Heating System Repairs

1. The Thermostat Does Not Work

Aiea-HI-HVAC-contractorWhen the weather cools down, it’s not unusual to turn up the thermostat immediately. If you find that you’re turning it up higher to achieve a certain level of comfort, you might be dealing with a problematic heating system. This is typically a sign of inefficiency — the heater is working overtime to warm the home. You may even notice that some rooms feel warm, while others are cool and drafty.

2. The Electric Bill Is High

Take a look at your utility bills. If it seems inordinately high, it could be due to a faulty heating system that has to expend too much energy to keep your home comfortable. If it’s not doing the job sufficiently, your bills may show the proof.

3. The Furnace Makes Loud Noise

All furnaces produce a slight sound, but when the sound turns into a loud and obtrusive noise, you need to think about contacting an air conditioning contractor. If you hear unusual clanking or banging sounds, it’s indicative of a breakdown. A professional can inspect the system to determine the cause and offer a solution.


Cooling Tower AC is the leading provider of heating and air inspections in Aiea, HI. If you’re concerned about your heating system, get in touch to find out how these air conditioning contractors can help. Visit the company’s website to learn more about their services, including air duct cleaning and AC repairs, or call (808) 365-2159 to schedule an appointment.

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