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Drinking System Experts Explain How to Deal With Frozen Pipes October 17, 2017

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Drinking System Experts Explain How to Deal With Frozen Pipes, Henrietta, New York

Winter is coming, which means a few common issues can crop up around your home. One of the most bothersome cold-weather mishaps is that of frozen pipes. When dealing with home piping and drinking systems, this scenario is likely in areas that see frigid temperatures.

Here, Anderson Water Systems of upstate New York explains how to deal with frozen pipes in your home this winter.

Thawing a Frozen Pipe

If you suspect a frozen pipe because your faucets stop flowing and your toilets cease to refill after a flush, it’s imperative to thaw it out before it bursts. First, shut off the water supply to prevent a mess once the pipe thaws.

A space heater or hair dryer can be used to thaw a pipe, but it’s important to do so slowly. Never thaw with a propane torch or similar open flame, as this presents a fire risk. If you aren’t sure about thawing on your own, call a plumber. They have the tools to do it slowly and carefully, so you don’t damage any pipes in the process.

Because the frozen pipe acts as a plug, when it thaws, plenty of water will need to escape. Have a bucket, mop, and rags on hand to prepare for this scenario.

Dealing With a Burst Pipe

drinking systemsSometimes, you won’t get to a frozen pipe in time. Whether it’s in a hard-to-reach location or it took too long to realize the part was frozen, your pipe might burst. In this case, shut off your water supply immediately and contact a plumber. If the damage seems minimal, you can clean up some of the water on your own. However, if it appears irreparable, call your insurance company to see what they will cover.

Freezing pipes are a genuine issue for plumbing and drinking systems in the winter. Being prepared is key, as is knowing how to spot problems early. When in doubt, reach out to a professional plumber near you. 

Installing a new drinking system in your home? Call Anderson Water Systems today at (585) 385-6610 to have your system installed. They can guide you through the perils of frozen pipes and help you avoid them this winter. Visit their website for more information on their offerings, and like them on Facebook for regular updates.

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