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4 FAQs About Wedding Gown Alterations November 2, 2017

Midtown East, Manhattan
4 FAQs About Wedding Gown Alterations, Manhattan, New York

Once you’ve found a gorgeous dress for your big day, you’ll likely be eager to show it off. Wedding gown alterations transform an almost-perfect fit into the wedding dress of your dreams, but it can be hard to know exactly what needs to be done and who can help. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about the process to ensure you look and feel your best.

Top 4 Questions About Wedding Gown Alterations

1. When Should I Go?

Schedule a preliminary fitting as soon as you buy your dress to give your tailor as much time as possible to make any necessary changes. If you anticipate your proportions changing before the big day, let them know. Together, you can decide when your final fitting should be.

2. How Do I Find the Best Tailors?

Wedding Gown AlterationsIn addition to reading online reviews, seek testimonials from friends who live in your area and have recently gotten married. Ask where they bought their gowns and who altered them. They will be truthful with you about their experiences, especially if they were unpleasant. Once you’ve read online reviews and talked to friends, you’ll have a good idea of who you should use.

3. Can I Make Changes to My Dress?

In addition to adjusting the size of your gown, your tailor can make design changes. Whether it’s adding embellishments, changing the length, or removing straps, they can provide you with an estimate and tell you how much time they’ll need to make the necessary adjustments.

4. How Long Does It Take?

Usually, you’ll need to allow ample time for wedding gown alterations, but some tailors provide rush service for an extra fee. If it took you a little longer to find the right piece to wear on your wedding day, don’t be discouraged—you’ll be able to find someone who can perform a quick turnaround.

On your special day, you deserve to look and feel your best. For stunning wedding gown alterations, visit 6 Avenue Tailor in New York City. This beloved Midtown tailor offers rush and same-day services, and they can even make house calls. To schedule an appointment, call (212) 593-1925 or visit their website today.
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