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3 SAT Prep Strategies for Success January 8, 2018

South Windsor, Hartford County
3 SAT Prep Strategies for Success, South Windsor, Connecticut

Standardized tests like the SAT play a big role in determining college admissions. For students who find math difficult, taking this critical exam can seem especially daunting. Fortunately, the team at Mathnasium® of South Windsor in Hartford County, CT, says that designated SAT prep activities will help struggling students overcome academic challenges and succeed. Below, they share their top test prep recommendations.

3 SAT Prep Tips to Improve Your Math Score

Focus on Learning Gaps

Behind an impressive test score is a solid academic foundation that takes time to build, and addressing academic weaknesses is the key to improving students’ performance. If your son or daughter is struggling with fundamental math concepts, identifying and focusing on any learning gaps will help them build the skills necessary for a high SAT score. Working with a supportive math tutor is a great way to strengthen students’ academic skills and help them feel more confident during the exam.

Take Practice Tests  

South-Windsor-CT-SAT-TutoringTaking the SAT requires more than just academic knowledge. To do well, students must also have endurance, discipline, and time management skills. One of the best ways to prepare for the SAT is to take regular practice exams that simulate the real testing experience. In addition to taking frequent practice tests, enrolling in an SAT tutoring program is another effective way to prepare. A designated tutor will offer guidance on preventing mental exhaustion, understanding the test format, and developing time management strategies for the exam.

Memorize Math Rules & Formulas

While the SAT test booklet provides a list of mathematical formulas, having a solid understanding of these rules and equations is vital to managing time during the exam. Having to constantly flip back and forth within the booklet wastes valuable seconds and interrupts momentum. Instead, students should know key mathematical formulas and how they work in advance, so they have more time to focus on difficult problems and increase their chances of success.

Help your child improve their SAT score with assistance from Mathnasium of South Windsor. Staffed by a team of experienced math instructors trained in the Mathnasium Method™, they’ve earned a reputation as Hartford County’s best tutoring service. Visit their website to learn more about their SAT prep program. To register for exam preparation classes, call (860) 432-7794 today.

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