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A Guide to the Leather Upholstery Repair Process October 11, 2017

South Fairmont, Cincinnati
A Guide to the Leather Upholstery Repair Process, Cincinnati, Ohio

After enough years pass, even the most beautiful leather may begin to look cracked and faded in certain parts. With some assistance from an upholstery repair specialist, though, your office’s leather will look pristine again. Serving Blue Ash, West Chester, Mason, and northern Kentucky, Contract Office Refurbishing LLC is recognized as the area’s premier provider, offering everything from furniture to dental chair upholstery. These leather professionals will take years off of your items. 

Here, they share their time-tested upholstery repair process and how it works: 

  • Cleaning: Before treatment, the leather must be free of all detritus. Cleaning begins with a soft vacuuming that avoids damaging the material while still ridding of excess particles. Next, a technician hand washes the leather with water and a specialized cleaner to remove any lingering dirt. Once the material is ready, it’s safe to manipulate the upholstery. 
  • upholstery repairAbrasion: Phase two involves introducing an abrasive element to rub out discoloration. The friction also serves to smooth out the texture and iron out unwanted ridges. A technician may also apply an absorbent to drain out any oils that are plaguing the leather. 
  • Treatment: Finally, the professionals will add a malleable compound to fill any holes or blemishes. Once it’s set, they use the abrasion method again to blend the new compound with the leather. In some cases, a dye is added to ensure the compound blends perfectly with the original upholstery. After the drying is complete, the leather will look just like when you first bought it. 

When the leather in your waiting room shows signs of wear, it can turn off prospective patients. For all your upholstery repair needs, turn to the professionals at Contract Office Refurbishing LLC. They offer high-quality restorations using cutting-edge technology, weekend services, and quick turnaround times. Get in touch with a courteous staff member by calling (513) 481-0111, or browse a gallery of their work on the website

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