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What to Expect From Your Red Light Therapy Appointment at Body Fix October 25, 2017

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What to Expect From Your Red Light Therapy Appointment at Body Fix, Honolulu, Hawaii

Body Fix—Honolulu, HI’s premier skin rejuvenation clinic—is proud to offer red light therapy treatments. This procedure helps with everything from pain management to anti-aging by naturally regenerating tissues. Red light occurs at a different wavelength than ultraviolet light, so it doesn’t put patients at risk of developing skin cancer or other ailments. Instead, you can simply enjoy the benefits of the treatment. Here, the professionals from Body Fix have compiled a guide so you know what to expect at the appointment.

What to Expect From Red Light Therapy at Body Fix


Before your appointment, make sure to shower, clean your skin, and remove any makeup. Cosmetic products, as well as dirt and sweat, can block the light from reaching your skin. To enhance the results, it’s best to come to your appointments with a fresh, clean face.


red light therapyYou can expect your treatment to help with wound healing, as it repairs tissue damage. A red light therapy treatment will also relieve chronic pain by increasing blood flow and reducing muscle spasms. The treatment will benefit skin problems as well by reversing signs of aging, boosting elasticity, healing acne, and repairing sun damage.

Throughout your session, the light will penetrate tissues and deliver energy to your cells. This increases cellular production, as they begin delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the body. Keep in mind that continuous sessions will provide the best results. If you’re looking to reduce age spots or acne scarring, you will see fantastic results over time.


In the immediate future, you’ll notice clearer, brighter skin, while repeat treatments promise enhanced skin tone and texture. You should also remember that continuous maintenance is necessary to enjoy the benefits of red light therapy over time. This treatment also promises zero side effects and strange sensations. At most, you may feel warmth in your skin, but you can rest assured it’s harmless.

If you’re looking for the ultimate skin rejuvenation treatment, red light therapy promises a natural way to achieve your goals, and the professionals at Body Fix can help you focus on your needs. If you’d like to schedule an appointment for this cost-effective procedure, give them a call today at (808) 597-1110. You can also visit them online to learn more.

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